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Craig Cordice is an FA Qualified coach whose passion is to develop young players and help them to realise their full potential. Craig's love of football goes way back. He had his first taste of football management in North London in 1991 and his interest in the game continues to this day. He currently coaches and manages a semi-professional team in his spare time. 



David Ross spent many years working across all disciplines of sports as a co-ordinator and events organiser raised in Trinidad and Tobago and is a key member of the SeakAid team. David attended Sanjuan South Secondary School and currently is Chairman of the events committee attached to the Alumni association. His boundless enthusiasm, keen work ethic, and ever-growing list of ideas are essential to SeakAid's development in the region.


Paul Mitchell is responsible for offering leadership and business management support to SeakAid. He is a strategic thinker, process-driven, and likes to be highly-organised which will help implement the charity's strategy. Paul's extensive networks help to build relationships that benefit SeakAid's longer-term goals.

Alison Hewitt formed National Nubian Networking in 2002 which encompasses all forms of outreach, fundraising communication, promotion and raising awareness of issues within the Caribbean community. She has been responsible for various well-attended annual Caribbean evenings at a large church in West Ealing for over 10 years, supported the UK Haitian community through their earthquake and hurricane as well as regular charitable work with Black Rose of Remembrance (formally Black Poppy Rose) organising book donations and distribution of Windrush and black history magazine 

Theon Gordon teaches Physical Education at Bethel High School in St Vincent and had obtained his BSc. in Sports Management with a minor in Technology, He has played for the country’s National under 19 football and cricket team. And, managed the country’s National Football Team and the Men’s Under 19 team.


Jayne Harris was inspired by the work done by members of SeakAid. And, decided to reach out, she has been instrumental in collecting used and new football equipment such as boots, socks, tops, bottoms, balls shin pads anything football related. Jayne is happy to listen to anyone who can support and can see how the donations transform the lives of children in the Caribbean.


Since its conception, Shelly Horne has been working with SeakAid and is responsible for providing distribution channels for SeakAid throughout St Vincent. She played for the National team in 1996 and continues to play. Shelly is also coaching both girls and boys teams in Stubbs.


Kwame MA McPherson is a qualified football referee, football enthusiast, award-winning writer, and published author. He enjoys working with young people, seeking to impart is knowledge of the game, inspire and motivate through his passion for the written word. Based in Jamaica and a member of the team, Kwame intends to make SEAKAID a recognised organisation and brand throughout the entire island.

Keith Boswell Born in Wandsworth, South London in March 1944, I have been an avid football fan my entire life. Supporting Chelsea and attending matches within reachable distance, I also supported Fulham and Wimbledon. I began playing football at a young age and continued playing until my mid-thirties. My interest in collecting kit for underprivileged children was sparked after seeing kids playing football in inadequate footwear. I started collecting kits and boots for those in need and found a charity that could put them to use. Since then, I have been dedicated to helping both kids and adults and happy to be part of the SeakAid team.

Brian Topley is a professional qualified coach and scout. He will be supporting coaching development across the Caribbean. Brian has many years of experience as a logistics manager, essential skills that are invaluable to SeakAid.  He is responsible for dealing with the collection and delivery of kit and sports equipment and working with clients and overseas freight organisations. 

London Vets Ballerz

Working in Partnership

Barking Fc

Providing Storage Facilities


Boots and Equipment Drop Off


End of Season Charity support

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JP Ram

Shipping Company


SeakAid will accept any sports-related items across all sports including:-

  • Sports Shirts (replica, amateur team, etc)
    any size and condition

  • Sports Shorts any size and condition

  • Sports Socks any size and condition

  • Boots any size and condition

  • Training Equipment 


Please simply CLICK HERE and we can arrange a pick-up


Like any organisation we are unable to operate without your financial generosity. Please support us by clicking the DONATE NOW button Here are a few reasons why we need your help:

  1. To support our distributing costs

  2. Help with education programs across the Caribbean

  3. To tackle issues such as HIV/AIDs and provide health education

If you need any more convincing please send an email to or simply browse through our website.


We are currently looking for additional members to grow the team. If you feel that you have got what it takes and would like to get involved, please send us a few words about yourself and the impact you feel you can make! Email:

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