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Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Isha is a single mother of three. On June 12th 2021, SEAKAid received a heartfelt message from Isha who reached out to us in a moment of desperation. Isha was struggling. She was struggling for the most basic things we often take for granted: food in our stomaches and clothes on our back. She didn’t know who to turn to and, by chance (or divine intervention some might argue), she came across one of SEAKAid’s posts on our GoFundMe page and reached out to us.

We responded to Isha's request for help in the only way we knew how… We got on the phone and reached out to one of our trusted contacts in St Vincent - Mr and Mrs Stewart. The couple are selfless individuals. Their faith, love of people and kind hearts quickly responded on our behalf.

They were able to meet with Isha and ensured her family received immediate support, providing food and clothing within hours.

SEAKAid can’t solve all the problems in St Vincent following the devastating volcanic eruption in April 2021. We will do all we can to support young people and their families in need. Every day, bit by bit, every little helps.

If you would like to support SEAKAid please donate to our ongoing fundraising efforts and always consider giving your old kit a new home.

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